Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Look Before You Leap... or Ride The Lion...

I recently purchased the Apple Mac OS X Lion upgrade. I have not installed it yet, just bought and downloaded it. I'm waiting for all of the issues to shake themselves out.

Being a user of Adobe products: Lightroom & PS CS5 w/plugins, I wanted to give the platform time to settle down before plunging ahead. After all, what good is an upgraded OS without working applications?

  • Adobe has put up a support page, detailing some issues that Lion users may experience.
  • Rosetta, the Apple PowerPC emulator is no longer included. So any plugins/applications/etc. that depended on it will now stop working.
  • FotoQuote/Fotobiz has likewise sent out emails detailing compatibility issues with Mac OS X Lion.
  • The Java runtime environment isn't installed by default by Lion, causing issues for users.
  • The swiping/preferences panes/auto-recovery don't work out of the box for third party applications not specifically coded for those features.
  • The ~/username/Library folder is now hidden, causing some issues for people.
  • USB-to-Serial adapter drivers stopped working for some, due to the drivers being 32bit and Lion being 64bit only.
Naturally, folks using Apple's own products, like Aperture, iWork, iPages, etc. won't experience these issues, since they got updates... but that is little comfort for those of us who do use third party applications.

Will be keeping an eye on how things go, but will hold off on upgrading to Lion for the time being on either of my MBP(s). On my other laptop, I have some children's PowerPC Mac games and applications. For them to stop working would cause a pretty serious IT support nightmare at home...

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