Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re-iterating My Dislike of Photographers Who Can't Turn Off Their Flash

Will update this post more, but here is an epic example of why flash photography at an aquarium is a bad idea:

Photo ruined by someone's popup flash.
As you can see, I was unlucky enough to have taken my shot at the same time as someone firing off their popup flash. Yes, I can really see the value add of using your pop up flash in an aquarium... against a large 2 story window. That glare really adds to the look and feel. 

Seriously, why do people do this? I can't imagine people are thinking this is a "great" image of what they saw? 

Contrast the above shot with one I took, which was not ruined by someone else's flash:

Sea Turtle
I took a different post processing approach with the sea turtle shots this time around, vs past visits. You can check out the images, as well as the ruined shot in my sea turtle gallery:


  1. These are often the same people who look at their beloved photos, and insist that there's a UFO or USO[1] that "wasn't there before."

    [1] Unidentified Submersible Object

  2. @Sam, ~LOL~ probably. Anyways, got to redo the post processing on the sea turtle pics I uploaded. Want to give them a cleaner look. ^_^