Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Get Great Shots With The Sony Alpha A700 - Part 0

As most know, I'm a proud owner of the Sony Alpha A700 DSLR. It's a great camera for a variety of subject matter and shooting styles. Over the past few years, I've come to love this camera, as it is, in my mind, unsurpassed in ergonomics and versatility for the price. No, it doesn't have an articulated LCD display, no live view, no full frame sensor, no mirrorless optical path, and no HD video. It is a camera. Digital, but a camera all the same.

This is the first post in a series I will be writing up, which documents how to get the most out of the Sony Alpha A700 DSLR. I'll continue to add to this until I am no longer an owner of said camera. :)

What I Will Be Covering

I will go over various topics like(each line to be replaced with a link to the actual post when written):

  • Macro photography
  • Low light photography
    • At aquariums without flash
    • At museums without flash
  • Off camera flash lighting 
  • Syncing the camera with flashes
  • Photographing wildlife at the zoo
  • Photographing plant life at gardens and arboretums
  • Shooting great panoramas
Good Online Resources

Those wanting to get information now, I can't recommend the following sites enough, when it comes to Sony cameras.

  • Dyxum
    • Great resource for folks wanting to learn more about any Minolta/Sony camera with the Alpha mount.
  • The Friedman Archives
    • He also has some awesome ebooks on Sony Alpha DSLR cameras.

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