Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bridge To Somewhere

Bridge To Somewhere by wingtangwong
Bridge To Somewhere, a photo by wingtangwong on Flickr.

The above shot is my submission to the Strobist Boot Camp #3, Assignment #3. For folks living in Cupertino, this is the bridge that crosses the 280 freeway. I shot this late in the afternoon, hoping to get some interesting shadow play from the structure of the bridge.  While I live on the south end of the bridge, I walked across the bridge a few times and decided to take a photo of the bridge from the northern side, as I liked the way the light was playing off of the structure and the floor.

Photographed with camera on tripod, low to the ground. Flash was hand held and triggered with a pair of Pocket Wizard PlusII's. The bag in the picture is my camera bag, lit by the flash at full power, while the camera was stopped down to help over power the sun. The image was post processed in LR3 and submitted to the Strobist Flickr pool.

Lately, I've been enjoying photographing landscapes more, and trying to develop my creative vision with the help of my much more creatively minded wife. This photograph is an example of that awesome collaboration.


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  1. I love how you redirect the flash so it won't destroy the whole canvas. The shadows are still there telling the story of the bridge.
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