Friday, August 6, 2010

Zebra Flash... you're my hero!

Flash Zebra is a purveyor of all things Flash related. They make cables for X hardware to connect to Y hardware... no, really, they really do have a massive matrix of connectivity.

I'm a Sony/Minolta shooter, and a side-effect of that is that I have to deal with the Sony/Minolta flash mount, which is incompatible(physically and electrically) with any other shoe mount out there. Having recently gotten aboard the PocketWizard bandwagon, it sucks that while I can have my PocketWizard dangling precariously from the side of my camera... I could not have it sit atop my camera, like a normal photographer. Enter Flash Zebra's Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe Adapter.

Sony A700 + Flash Zebra Hotshoe Adapter + PocketWizard+II

That's my Sony A700 DSLR. Mounted on the Sony/Minolta hotshoe is the Flash Zebra Minolta/Sony Hotshoe Adapter. Atop of that is my PocketWizard PlusII. Looks nice and natural, doesn't it? I certainly think so.

Also, thanks to Flash Zebra for getting the item to me so quickly.  I'm certainly a happy customer and see myself looking there first for all of my flash adapter needs.


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