Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looking At The Phottix Atlus

PocketWizard PWP-TR 801-125 PLUS II Transceiver (Black)As noted in an earlier posting, I've recently begun my journey into the RF strobe world via Pocket Wizard PlusII(s). I became aware of another brand of RF triggers that are PocketWizard PlusII compatible, by a company called Phottix, called the Atlus.

The benefits, from my point of view:
  • Sports an ISO hotshoe, on the unit itself. (primary plus)
  • 1/4" screw mount on the side of the unit, opposite from the shotshoe mount.
  • Compatible with Pocket Wizard PlusII(s)
  • Claims of longer range!
  • Less expensive: $108 vs $169 per transciever
I'm currently the owner of two PW+II's, so a third would actually allow me to trigger two remote strobes from the camera wirelessly.

Don't get me wrong, if I needed extra PW(s), I'll go to my local camera store and pickup more PW(s). However, by all accounts, these Atlus units are quality devices in their own right. The signal compatibility with PW(s) means a less expensive means to expand the flash triggering network.

More on this when it arrives.


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