Thursday, July 29, 2010

So... how much gear do I stuff in that bag anyways? (LowePro Classified 160 AW)

A while back, I bought the LowePro FastPack 350 as my "carry everything" bag. In truth, while it carries alot, it does not carry everything. And its bulky.

So, in an attempt to defeat bulkiness, I sought out a new bag. After much searching, I became aware of the LowePro Classified 160AW.  Having used it on and off, I have to say, so long as I don't need a laptop on my person, I love it. :)

A short discussion had folks wondering what I put in it. So, since pictures can do a better job than words alone:

Gear I normally pack into my FastPack350
(excluding cables/chargers/etc.)
That's one flash, a pack of batteries, a CF card holder, an extension ring, an A700 DSLR w/17-50/2.8 lens, a 50mm/1.4 lens, a 70-200/2.8 lens, an Apple iPad, and a 15" MacBookPro.

With the exception of the MBP, everything fits into the Classified.

Nothing in my sleeve... yet.

In goes the 50mm/1.4

Next goes the 70-200/2.8, lenshood is extended!

In goes the camera with mounted lens... FYI, the camera
can be stowed away with the 70-200/2.8 mounted, in this bag.

Yep, it closes.

The iPad goes into the sleeve pocket.

The card holder, extension tube, and pack of batteries in
the outter most pocket.

And there it is. All full and happy.

Note, one of the original reasons why I opted to get a Fast Pack 350 was because a good deal of weight on one shoulder/arm/etc. can cause a good deal of strain. This is no different. There is a belt you can hook onto the main strap and one of the D rings to stabilize the bag as well as take some weight off your shoulder. I strongly recommend using it, unless you like neck/shoulder/back pain.

The FastPack 350 can hold all that and more, thanks to an extra large top pocket. The FastPack 350 can also hold up to a 17" laptop. Fits the 15" just fine. Note, with all that gear AND the laptop, it gets heavyenough that you might still get some back pain.

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